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I turn down more weddings than I take on, for a number of reasons. At most, I will film 3 weddings a year, but only small weddings or elopements. My days of big weddings are far behind me.

So what makes me say yes to a couple? Love. A love so strong and true that I can feel it in my very bones. A love that lights up the world around the couple. A love that radiates.

A love like the one Mark and Karen share.

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A second marriage carries with it a unique sweetness. It's a union seasoned with the wisdom of experience, where two hearts, having weathered life's trials, find solace in each other's arms once again. There's a profound gratitude for the opportunity to start anew, to love and be loved with a depth that only comes from knowing the value of second chances. The laughter seems brighter, the shared moments more cherished, and the commitment more steadfast. It's a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the capacity to open one's heart again, allowing love to flourish in unexpected and beautiful ways.

A sweet backyard wedding

When Karen filled me in on the plans for this beautiful backyard affair, I could hardly contain my excitement. I know her well enough to know that it was going to be AMAZING. The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining, and the guests were filled with joy and laughter. Totally my kind of scene!

The ceremony was beautiful, filled with meaning, love, and more laughter, the officiant being one of Mark's best friends.

It was difficult not to get a little teary during the vows. (I wasn't the only one either.) A beautiful love story with a happily ever after, my favorite kind!

So raise a glass!

To Mark and Karen, may your hearts be forever entwined, and your spirits forever intertwined. May you find joy in the journey, and strength in each other's embrace. And may your love be a beacon of light, guiding you through the darkest of days.