Twin Day in St. Louis

When emotion meets art...

I have a FANTASTIC mentor. She is seriously the best. A few weeks ago, she mentioned that twin day was coming up and maybe I should do something with that. It was like my brain was immediately struck by lightning. I started seeing all these images in my head... That's just the way my creative process goes sometimes.

I think twins are awesome. I have know some twins over the years and I've always found it fascinating, what a unique, strong bond they have with each other. I know siblings share a strong bond, but with twins it seems to be extra special. I also love how different they can be when you get to know them.

St. Louis Missouri Family Photographer

What if....

What if I could show the strong bond that twins share, while also highlighting their unique personalities, all in a series of stripped down, simple photos? So I put out a call into the Universe and St. Louis families answered in a big way!

To keep things as safe as possible, I rented a beautiful Air BnB in Lafayette Square for the day and then scheduled these awesome families one by one.

Vision meets Reality...

The results were everything I'd hoped for and more. This was my very first time going all in on a creative vision, and I have to say, I'm hooked. Not only did this project come to life in a beautiful way, but I met some fantastic kiddos, made a lot of new friends, and had such a wonderful time!

St. Louis Award Winning Photography

So? What's next?

Everyone wants to know... What's next, Katie?

Good question! There may be ice and snow on the ground today, but Spring is right around the corner and I have another vision! Look for another call in the near future! If you want a front row for the details, sign up to be on the mailing list! And share this with the people in your life that love beautiful portraiture, appreciate a stunning piece of art, and live in the St. Louis and surrounding areas!