Missouri weather can't keep us down!

The cold never bothered me anyway.

That's a lie. It bothers me. So. Very Much. The sun was shining, the arctic breeze was blowing, and I was yet again cursing the Missouri weather. Still, the R family has that adventurous spirit that I adore! They showed up looking fantastic in their matching PJs to brave the wind and the cold! We had to hustle so that no one froze, but they did great!

De Soto Photographer - Mini Sessions
Festus Photographer - Mini Sessions

They were thrilled when the sweet pups outfit arrived in time, and so was I! I love when my clients bring their pets to sessions! B is a VGB (Very Good Boy) and the same age as our sweet Zoe!

Missouri Pet Photographer - Dog Photographer - St. Louis Photographer

I'm not sure what I did to deserve the best clients in all of Missouri, but I'm thanking my lucky stars!

Hillsboro photographer
Missouri Photographer
Eureka Photographer

Their Holiday cards and prints should arrive today and I just can't wait to see them and get them to Mrs. R!

Fenton Photographer - Mini Sessions
Wildwood Photographer
Missouri Photographer
University City Photographer

I have one last weekend of outdoor holiday mini sessions. Next year I will be starting them in September so we all don't freeze!