Make it Magical

The end of the holiday season can be a bit of a bummer for me. The radio station no longer plays Christmas music, the towns decorations come down, the magic starts to fade. I know it is the natural progression of the year, but I try to drag it out for as long as I can, especially these days.

Grandma and Santa both made sure that our household was stocked up on activities, games, and craft projects to see us through these cold, long days. We don't start lessons again until the 10th, the same day big brother goes back to college. We also won't be going anywhere while covid is running rampant.

Today was a low-key kind of day. The temperatures plummeted overnight and there was a light dusting of dry snow. Even the kittens wanted to sleep the day away.

We decided to break out one of the craft kits from Grandma, a dinosaur lantern! This kiddo LOVES all things dinosaur. I know that some day he may outgrow it, but for now his affection is still going strong. Part of me hopes he always loves them.

Part of prolonging the magic of Christmas is to be present in those dreary days following. Cherish every smile, laugh, and joyful moment. Make 2022 as magical as you can!