Why are Senior photos so important?

Mini Session Event for St. Louis and Jefferson County High School Seniors

I'm going to try to get through this without getting all teary....

A lot of people don't understand WHY senior portraits are a thing. I get it, I really do. Think of all the milestones that a child reaches. Those squishy newborn days, when they can sit up without falling over, the celebration of walking and talking, those parental tears when you send them off to that first day of school...
Graduation is THE LAST milestone of your child. After graduating, they are adults. Sometimes those little birds stay in the nest and sometimes they fly away, but it really is the last milestone of your baby.
St. Louis Senior Photos - Willow Run Photography
Are seniors really adults after graduation? Technically, they are adults when they turn 18. That senior year of high school is what I like to call an in between moment. These portraits perfectly capture this point in time. It serves two purposes. It celebrates the last milestone of childhood, it also serves as a jumping point to the future.

See, when I do senior portraits, I do the classical senior portraits, sure. But I also take some portraits that are perfect to use as profiles on Linked In and other professional career sites.
Jefferson County Senior Photos - Willow Run Photography

Making it personal...

I love my senior consultations! Taking the time to get to know the senior makes it so much easier for me to design the PERFECT session. Senior photos don't have to be boring. We work together to incorporate interests, hobbies, and accomplishments! Band kid? Awesome, bring your instrument and we will find a cool stage somewhere. Sports star? Wear a uniform. Dancer? I have the perfect spot for you. Bookworm? Boy, do I have the library for you! Gamer? Bring your switch, I'll share my Animal Crossing code.

I don't take a carbon copy approach to senior photos. They should be as special as you are!
Missouri Senior Photos - Willow Run Photography
Eureka Senior Photography - Willow Run Photography

It isn't too late!

I know that graduation is just around the corner, but it isn't too late to get senior photos done! I am hosting two Senior mini session events.
March 25 & 26 in St. Louis County and April 15 & 16 in Jefferson County
These 20 minute sessions are perfect for the last-minute planner and you will have the images back in time for graduation announcements!
If your kiddo will be Class of 2024, you can get a jump on Senior photos, these sessions aren't limited to 2023!
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St. Louis Senior Photography - Willow Run Photography
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