Life isn't about the milestones, it is about the in between moments.

I already knew that, but sometimes I forget to LIVE those words. I can get caught up in racing towards the next goal, the next accomplishment, the next...

All of those things are wonderful, but they don't make up for the in between moments.

Yesterday I was folding laundry, my mind thinking about the next task on my to do list (which I never seem to finish, but that is a different story.) When my thoughts took a pause, my brain flashed a warning. There was a disturbing LACK of motion and noise in the room. Anyone with a rambunctious four-year-old will know that quick moment of panic. Silence is rarely a good thing. My head whipped around and there he was, completely content on the bench at the foot of our bed.

Little toes. Someday he will be too grown to want to hang out at the foot of the bed while I fold laundry

He was still wearing his dinosaur PJs, and had commandeered my phone to play Jurassic World. Just moments before that, he had been stomping around, roaring at top volume, jumping on the bed while asking me when I would be done with the laundry.

I quickly, and quietly, grabbed my camera from my desk. I knew I wouldn't have more than a few seconds before he noticed me and started cheesing. This was an in between moment that I never wanted to forget.

Such concentration. He can identify almost all of the dinosaurs in the game.

The stomping, roaring, and constant state of motion is just what our daily life is. Sometimes I find it a bit overwhelming, his older siblings were never this over-the-top.

Yep, he noticed me.

That's just life with this amazing, loud, brilliant child of ours. The days are long, but I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. His stomping and roaring just make those rare, quiet hugs all the sweeter.

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