It all started with a dream...

I've always loved those cozy holiday photos of a family cuddled up on a bed in their holiday PJs, so it didn't surprise me when I dreamed about it back in 2019, just after our tree farm minis. What did surprise me was that the bed in my dream was OUTSIDE in a field.

That scene has haunted me ever since. I wanted to bring it to life so much, but how? Then in 2020, the world came to a standstill, we moved, and I was in the middle of battling Lymes. I didn't take any photos for clients that year. I did some sessions in St. Louis in 2021, but nothing themed.

This year I was DETERMINED to go for it! As usual, there were a lot of moving parts to make this all come together. Thankfully, Scott was 100% on board with helping me in any way that he could. Several weeks of planning, one drive OUT OF STATE to pick up the perfect (if somewhat beat up) vintage bed frame, lots of online shopping, and here we are!

St. Louis Family Photographer

Yes... I put a bed in a field...

And I'd do it again!

I wish you could have seen the behind the scenes of this! This field wasn't quite this clear. There were tall weeds, invasive vines, and some un wanted small trees. Scott spent an entire day clearing it out (I don't think he trusts me with a chain saw. Valid fear.) It took me two days to get the bed frame painted. Getting everything pulled together had me holding my breath. Would this look the same as I'd imagined?

St. Louis Holiday Session
Christmas in St. Louis
Festus Family Photographer

It was even better...

Don't get me wrong, I still adore those cozy studio bedroom sets, but this is something on a different kind of level! I know Scott thought I was a little crazy, he couldn't quite wrap his mind around what I was trying to do here, but after seeing how these turned out, he says that the hard work was worth it! I am so thankful that we have our own private property out here in Jefferson County for these photos. The location is just perfect!

Ladue Photographer
St. Louis Photographer
Missouri Photographer