Happy Birthday My Darling Child...

This funny, smart, kind, amazing soul turned seven this week. Seven wonderful, action-packed years since the day he blessed us.

I'm not sure if you've every heard the term "photographers child syndrome" but I can assure you that it is VERY much a real thing. Our children tend to get annoyed the second they see our camera. This one is no exception, so I knew I would have to bribe him with something special. He has developed a love of painting this last month, so I combined that with his other hobby, making messes!

He was immediately onboard when I floated the idea to him a few weeks ago. I had wanted to get the photos done last week, but our crazy St. Louis weather was just too crazy. When it hit fifty degrees today, I decided to jump at the chance. With snow in the forecast again this week, I knew it was now or never! So we gathered up the paints and canvas and headed to the side field. (Future home of the greenhouse, but that's still a year or two off!)

St. Louis Portrait Photography
A few fun things he said during all this chaos:

"Mom, would you come to see this in a museum?"

"You did say it was ok if I accidentally got paint on my shirt, right?"

"Uh oh, I got art on the nature. That will wash off, right?"

Needless to say, he got to have fun, I got to take his birthday photos without a fight, and all was right with the world!

St. Louis Missouri Paint Party