Spring has come to St. Louis

Sure, there may still be a chill on the wind. So the trees may still be a little bare, but Spring is here and I'm seeing signs of it all over the place! There are daffodils blooming along the wood line at the bottom of the hill, the lawn is turning green again, and tiny leaves have sprouted all over my crabapple tree! Everywhere I look, I see the little bits of Spring all over and it makes my heart so happy!

What is your favorite sign of Spring?

This is the first year that we will be starting all of our seeds here at the house, no purchased plants! My mom and I took the Master Gardener class through MIZZOU last winter, and it was a lot of fun! I've always tried to keep a small vegetable garden, but I have branched out (see what I did there?!?!) into growing flowers as well. Still, I'll miss trips to all of the awesome local greenhouses.

From St. Louis City, to the county, to Jefferson County, and St. Charles County, there are so many neat places to get plants! From flowers to veggies, our metro area has it all! These photos are from a visit to Andy's Produce in House Springs, home of the most delicious Amish Tomatoes!

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Next years goal is to build a greenhouse here at the property, I just have to decide where I want to put it. I thought I had it all figured out, but after doing Mal's birthday photos in the side field, I think I want to keep that open. I love our property, but it does have some challenges, being on the side of a hill. There are a few other spots that may work just as well. There is a little clearing in the woods on the other side of the driveway that may work if we clear it a bit more. I can almost picture it in my mind, a secret little greenhouse down a stone path through the ivy... Yeah, that may work out perfectly!

St. Louis Greenhouse Photos

I have to keep reminding myself, ONE PROJECT AT A TIME! Our first project of 2022 should be wrapping up in the next three weeks, and I can't wait to share that with you all! Everything that we do to the property seems to revolve around making beautiful, private locations for my clients, and I'm not complaining about that! Tomorrow is an outside work day here, lots of Winter cleanup to be done! I need to get up to the blackberries and start some MAJOR pruning. 6+ acres may not seem like a lot, but there is always work that needs to be done. Stick around and see what else we have planned!

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Missouri Family Photos

Metro Area Greenhouses

Here are some of my favorite places around St. Louis to get plants, flowers, and foods!

  1. Andy's Produce at 4645 Gravois Rd
  2. Garden Heights Nursery at 1605 S Big Bend Blvd
  3. Bowood Farms at 4605 Olive
  4. Sugar Creek Gardens at 1011 N Woodlawn
  5. Maypop at 803 Marshall Avenue
  6. Planthaven Farms at 6703 Telegraph Road
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