Or so they say...

Face it, this Spring weather can be a bummer! Cooler days and So. Much. Rain. Will we ever see the sun again? You know the old saying, and there is some truth to that, but waiting is hard! If it's one thing I enjoy doing, it is to find a creative way to make the best of a less-than-ideal situation. That means rainy day photos!

St. Louis Family Photography
Missouri Family Photography
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The next two weeks in the midwest will be filled with more rainy days, and I am looking forward to it! I have a few people interested in doing some of these puddle jumper sessions and I love that so much!

St. Louis Rainy Day Photos
Children's Photographer in St. Louis, Missouri

Living in Missouri means that you have to be able to pivot when the weather shifts. Adaptability is key!

Some things to consider if you are going to take your own rainy day photos:

  1. Bring a set of dry clothes and some towels!
  2. I love clear umbrellas for these sessions. Brightly colored umbrellas are nice, but can reflect those colors onto skin if you aren't careful.
  3. I adore matching boots and jackets, but it isn't a requirement! Just be sure that the clothing choices stand out from the background.
  4. Even if you are using a cell phone, stay far enough away that your camera won't get splashed. Rain water is one thing, dirty puddle water is another!
  5. Remember to have fun!
St. Louis metro Children's Photographer
Missouri Children's Photographer
Missouri Family Photographer
Missouri Family Photography

Looking for some more ways to enjoy the weather?

I get it, the struggle is real! Here are some other ways to make the most of those rainy Spring days!

  1. Dry erase markers on the living room windows is always a fun, mess-free way to spend an afternoon.
  2. Will it sail? Construct some paper boats and set sail in the nearest puddle to see if your creations are sea worthy.
  3. Flashlight hide-and-seek is perfect for those dark, stormy days!
  4. Funfetti cupcakes, because rainbow sprinkles are perfect for days like this.
  5. Pillow fort picnics were always a hit here, and perfect when it is too wet to go out for a real picnic.