Give Yourself Some Time To Slow Down....

I don't know about you, but lately the world feels like it's turning too quickly and everything is a mess. I try to keep the news turned off, but I still feel riddled with anxiety half the time.

But not last night. Last night we had the most wonderful time, stomping around the creek, exploring and enjoying everything that nature has to offer. It was so relaxing!

Last night, for just an hour, we laughed, splashed, and enjoyed each other and the evening breeze. I felt centered, sure, and happy. He did too, judging by these photos. Today, when I get that tight feeling in my shoulders, or another disturbing headline pops up on my phone, I scroll through these images and feel that same calmness taking over again. I am totally going to have one printed on canvas to hang in the breakfast nook so I can smile when I see it every day.

That is the real power of a photograph. It takes you back in time to a special moment. It helps you to remember what you were feeling and thinking in that instant. It gives you the chance to feel that way again. Photography is emotive, and powerful.